Is Geek an Insult?

The negative connotation behind calling someone a geek tends to stem from stereotypes that have been propagated through pop culture. People call others geeks usually when they think someone is listening to weird music, or dressed in clothes that may not be flattering to one’s figure, or sitting alone most of the time. Usually, in the past when someone has called another a geek, it was meant as an insult, meant to express that he or she is not cool enough and unattractive, or that you don’t deserve their respect.

Geek is not an insult. In fact, it’s the opposite, and here’s why. Throughout most people’s early life, they have always thought that being geeky was something to be ashamed of. This is all wrong. You see, geeks are among the most intelligent and creative people out there, making them some of the most valued employees in today’s workforce, so one shouldn’t be embarrassed if someone calls you a geek because they probably just think you’re awesome.

It might surprise some people to learn that many of today’s technology giants were considered geeks back in high school. They didn’t let other people make them feel bad about whom they were or what they liked. If anything, they used those things to work harder and get where they are today. We live in a society where we want our children to find their passions early—and why shouldn’t we? Who doesn’t want his or her child to grow up doing something he or she loves?

The geek connotation has changed over time. People no longer think of geeks as antisocial men and women who live in their parents’ basements. That stereotype became passé́ when geek people hit mainstream culture. Today, calling someone a geek is no longer an insult but more of a mark of intellectual respect.


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