Drinking Animal Planters

These Cute Animal Planters Drink From Their Little Water Bowls To Stay Hydrated

If you want a unique and fun way to grow plants, then it doesn’t get much better than these drinking animal planters. Combine your love of plants with your love of cute things and get stunning herbs all in one go. These ceramic creatures use their tongues to soak up water and pass it on to the plant growing on their back. The planters are fun for adults but also make an excellent way for kids to learn about how plants grow.

The planters are available in four different animals – a cat, a dog, a frog, and a panda bear. Each animal comes with a unique plant too. The dog has a clover, the cat has a strawberry, the frog has a mint, and the panda has a basil. The great thing is that the herbs on their backs need almost no care or attention at all. All you have to do is make sure that the dish has water in it, and the animals will water the plants for you. The box comes with everything you need to grow your plant, including a water bowl. Check price on Firebox!

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