Bug-A-Salt Air-Powered Rifle Kills Insects With a Single Blast of Salt

If you’re tired of dealing with flies, bugs or other pests and want a quick and efficient solution then prepare to fire your fly swatter! The classic Bug-A-Salt gun fires a shotgun spray of good old fashioned table salt to decimate flies and other annoying creatures. It is recommended for use on soft-bodied insects such as houseflies, spiders, mosquitos, moths and small-to-medium-sized roaches. It is not for use on larger ones like praying mantises or butterflies and it definitely is not for use on pets or people.

This insect eradication gun is made from high-quality non-toxic materials and is accurate up to three feet. It’s got the power to take out pests but shouldn’t damage your screens or windows so feel free to let the salt fly. The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 holds up to 80 rounds of table salt to eliminate all the unwanted guests around your home in an action-packed thrilling evening. When the flies are long gone you can use this device to aggressively season your food too! Fly in your soup? Not for much longer! Check price on Amazon!

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