Emoji Pancake Pan

Make Breakfast a Little Bit More Fun For All With This Emoji Pancake Pan

Feeling a bit down when you are making breakfast this morning? Well, without having to say a word, you can get your feelings across to everyone at the breakfast table by making pancakes with this specially-designed pancake pan. It is called the Emoji Pancake Pan and it will make preparing breakfast pancakes about as much fun as texting a message to someone on your smartphone. It couldn’t be any easier to set the mood over the breakfast table without having to start a conversation that you may end up walking away from.

The Emoji Pancake Pan features a total of seven different emoji faces on the surface of the pan. Just choose the one that best describes how you feel and pours the pancake batter into the mold of that face. When the pancake is complete, it will have the emoji face embedded into the surface. The heat reflective surface of the pan permits even browning and clean up is made easy with the non-stick surface. The pan measures 17 1/2-inches by 2 1/4-inches by 10 1/2-inches so you know that this is not a small pan by any means. So, you will be able to get your message across loud and clean without having to do much more than making breakfast. Talk about saying a lot without speaking! Check price on Amazon!

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