Goku Spirit Bomb Light

Add Some Dragon Ball Z Style Lighting To Your Home With This Goku Spirit Bomb Light

Every Dragon Ball Z fan knows the power of Goku’s Spirit Bomb. It has saved him and the world multiple times before, so is there a better way to show off your passion for the series than with this Goku Spirit Bomb light? I think not. However, owning such a powerful light comes with great responsibilities. Are you sure you are ready to wield it? Goku will need your help to charge this Spirit Bomb and unleash its power, which will be explained shortly.

The light features Goku in his famous pose of charging up the Spirit Bomb. How do you fit into this? Well, all you have to do is flick on the light, touch the high-frequency plasma sphere and watch the magic happen. Energy and arcs will flow within the sphere emanating stunning lights and showing the true power of Goku. The arcs will follow your finger as you trace along the sphere, which further increases the immersion effect. This Goku Spirit Bomb light is just over 13 inches tall, so you shouldn’t have problems placing it on your night table or work desk. So, if you’re looking for a unique and practical Dragon Ball Z collectible, you won’t go wrong with this light! Check price on Hot Topic!

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