Hyperkin SmartBoy

The Hyperkin SmartBoy Turns Your Android Phone Into a Game Boy

Did you know that you can easily use your smartphone as a game boy? Well, there are many methods of doing it but none works as efficiently and easily as the Hyperkin SmartBoy. This accessory is basically an attachment for Android phones that you can easily connect to your mobile device via a USB-C port. It was designed to work with Samsung Galaxy phones but the good news is that it works with most Android phones available today.

So, how does the Hyperkin SmartBoy work? The device actually comes with a slot located at the back that can read GameBoy and GameBoy Color cartridges. When connected, the device makes the top half of your screen to display gameplay while the speaker produces real GameBoy sounds. To make it work, you’ll need to first download the SmartBoy app from Google Play Store and a separate emulator app (Hyperkin recommends My OldBoy! Free). You can be set up and gaming literally in just minutes. The Hyperkin SmartBoy provides a practical and easy way to play old games. Remember, “smart” is in the name for a good reason! Check price on Amazon!

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