Motherboard Chopping Board

Every Geek Should Have This Motherboard Chopping Board In Their Kitchen

There’s not too much crossover in the Venn diagram of geeks and people who like to cook, but there is some. For the cooking geek in your life – even if that geek is you – the motherboard chopping board is a perfect kitchen accessory. This unique cutting board is made to look just like the motherboard in a computer. It has everything that a computer needs to run properly, including a processor, modulator, capacitor, chips and more.

This is the mother(board) of all chopping boards. Made from sturdy scratch-proof glass, the cutting surface is odorless and is super easy to clean. It includes rubber feet grips on the bottom to keep it in place during use. Also, it gives you the chance to show off your geeky power level to your friends and family as you cut through carrots, onions, sandwiches and anything else that needs slicing and dicing in your kitchen. Check price on Menkind!

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