Otun Flicking Device

Turn Your Finger Into a Lethal Weapon With The Otun Flicking Device

Don’t you hate it when you get flicked? You know, someone will use their index finger and thumb to deliver a well-aimed flick behind your ear or on your arm? Well, now you can return the favor with a much stronger flick. That’s because you will have the power of the Otun flicking device on your side. Not only does it look like a mechanical device that came straight out of the Middle Ages, but it will also improve your flicking ability as it doubles as a finger exerciser. It is quirky, it is strange, but what you need to focus on is that you will never lose a flick fight ever again.

All you need to do is fit the device to your hand, insert your index finger, and start flicking. For some, this may be nothing more than pure entertainment but for others, this is a serious self-defense tool. Don’t leave home without it. Stash it in your office desk for when you will need it and when that moment comes, slip it on and start delivering a world of pain on those who keep flicking you when you are trying to work. You will discover in no time that the Otun flicking device will cause others to leave you alone. After all, that’s all you’re looking for; being able to work in comfort without interruption or the endless string of a flick here or there. You’ll be the go-to flicker for others as well, so be prepared to step up when you are needed. Check price on Amazon!

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