Personalized Family Tree Poster

Surprise Your Parents With This Personalized Family Tree Poster

You can trace your origins with ease with a family tree. For you to exist means that your family line must trace all the way back to the beginning of human history. While no one could trace back that far – and no family tree is big enough – one way to celebrate the history of your family in a unique way would be to use a personalized family tree poster. This poster depicts a large tree that spans back up to six generations, allowing you to add years of family history.

The personalized family tree poster is made to be as decorative as possible, including an oak tree complete with acorns, butterflies, sun, squirrels, birds, and more. You can add all kinds of information on the tree, including when relatives were born, died, married, and where they lived – as well as other miscellaneous information you can think of. The poster makes for a brilliant gift, family activity, or decorative piece. Fill out the poster and roll it up, seal it, and you’re good to go! Check price on Amazon!

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