Brick Yourself Keyring

Turn Yourself Into a Mini Figurine With This Brick Yourself Keyring

Have you ever wanted a Lego-like version of yourself? I’m sure that all of us have dreamed of being Lego at some point in our lives. Well, I have good news for you. Now you can buy a Brick Yourself Keyring. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and select the keyring feature. Choose the hairstyle and the clothing to make it truly personal. Also, you can choose to make a brick of a friend. It can be a fantastic and unique gift that they will never forget.

This mini Lego figurine can be easily kept in your pocket. It makes for a great party conversation and it is a perfect toy to have around. The detail of the features on this tiny figurine is truly remarkable and it is pretty scary how close the resemblance is to the person. Just make sure that it doesn’t turn sentient and replace you. Check price on Firebox!

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