Chicken Leg Socks

Turn Your Skinny Feet Into Chicken Claws With These Chicken Leg Socks

Are you looking for a pair of novelty socks that will surely make heads turn? Well, if so then you might consider getting a pair of chicken leg socks that make your slim legs look like a real chicken’s legs complete with claws and scaly skin. This is actually a pair of knee-high socks that feature images of chicken feathers at the top as well as little orange legs and claws at the feet. The socks are made of high-quality cotton, polyester, and spandex materials. They not only look funny but are actually very comfortable with high-quality breathability.

The chicken leg socks are a perfect choice for those who have a wild and crazy personality. The design is woven into the socks and not printed, which ensures that it will stay vibrant and visible even after many washes. The socks are colorful and perfectly suit any casual dress style. They also make a perfect gift for birthday, Thanksgiving, fancy dress party, and any other special occasion. You can wear them as part of your Halloween costume or simply when you want to hit the gym in style. Check price on Amazon!

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