Monster Mushions

These Monster Mushions Are Perfect For Anyone Who Likes Your Giant Head

These weird and wacky monster mushions will surely be a conversation starter whenever anyone peeks into your bedroom. In terms of personalized gifts, these are amongst the strangest and most unique. If you ever wanted to appear as a giant, then putting your face on these pillows may be the closest that you can get. You simply upload a photo of yourself staring at the camera and then your giant personalized face pillow will be created with the highest quality. Just make sure that you use a picture that has a high resolution.

What better way to fall asleep at night than resting on your giant face. These oversized pillows will be immediately noticeable wherever you decide to put them. By placing them on a sofa, you can definitely shock any guests that happen to pass through. The monster mushions are one of the wackiest gifts you can buy. This is a great gift to give to embarrass someone on their birthday or retirement party. You can be sure that it will be incredibly memorable and will certainly provoke a strong reaction. Check price on Firebox!

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