organ donor lunch box

Keep Everyone Guessing With This Organ Donor Lunch Box

Add a touch of humor to your lunches with this organ donor lunch box. The superior quality EMT insulated tote will preserve your beloved products ready for transplantation directly into your eager tummy!

This is a wacky organ donor lunch cooler similar to the typical coolers used in the medical industry for organ transplants. Its design was inspired by the traditional EMT organ transplant cooler. The lunch box is perfect for keeping food fresh and having fun on the move. An ‘organ donor’ ID badge is sewn into the water-proof lining of each Emergency Meal Transport lunch bag. You can put all of your drinks, sandwiches, and snacks in this E. M. T. insulated lunch bag. It comes in an ample size of 9.75 x 7. 5 x 6.25 inches, which is large enough to carry sandwiches and other delicacies at work or school.

This genuine E. M. T. insulated lunch box will keep your food fresh and ready to be transplanted in to your stomach whenever you need it. In addition to the quality materials, each Emergency Meal Transport lunch bag contains an “organ donor” ID badge and water-proof lining.

It is also convenient in size and can hold all of your beverages, sandwiches, and snacks. The lunch box also makes a perfect gift item to family and friends of all ages, young and elderly alike. When it comes to back-to-school shopping for your children and your eccentric colleagues, E. M. T. is an absolute must. It’s a conversation starter during a white elephant gift exchange party too.

Please be aware of the following: This bag is not intended to hold human livers, but rather foods like liverwurst. Artists from a variety of backgrounds came together to develop the organ donor lunch box with the purpose of creating useful products that make people happy. The organ donor lunch box is a functional and creatively designed item. We found the best price here!


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