Couchmaster Cycon

The Couchmaster Cycon Is The Ultimate PC Gaming Accessory

There’s nothing like gaming in absolute comfort. Not everyone wants to be stuck at their desk or tied to their computer when they get in the groove when playing an incredible game. Gamers are always looking for new and exciting ways to push their gaming experience to the next level. That’s where the Couchmaster Cycon comes in to change everything. With this device, you’ll have the freedom to relax into your couch and rest your back while still having complete access to your mouse, keyboard, gaming controller, and any other peripheral you have hooked up. The Couchmaster comes with five meters of active USB cable, allowing you to connect it up to your PC. The side pockets on the desk can be used to store other peripherals when not in use, or snacks and beers for the ultimate gaming experience.

The desk comes equipped with 4 USB ports running USB version 3.0. The Couchmaster Cycon instantly transforms a comfortable couch into a full-fledged ergonomic gaming PC station that offers everything you need. Keep your cables organized with the ergonomic design that includes a built-in cable management system to prevent things getting clogged up. To put it simply, the Couchmaster Cycon gives you the freedom to play games in a relaxing and comfortable environment so you can get the most out of your games. Check her for best price!

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