Cryptex USB Flash Drive

This Cryptex Flash Drive Is a Mechanical Combination Lock For Your Data

This Cryptex USB flash drive is made to look like a steampunk lock and is sure to keep your digital data safe and secure. You can set your own secret combination, and there will be four gears that have to be turned before it can be unlocked. Total privacy is guaranteed with the Cryptex Round Lock USB, but from a design standpoint, it also looks stunning. The craftsmanship is evident when you look at the ornate design that will definitely catch some glances at whoever dares to eye up your USB drive.

Opening it up requires all four dials to be placed in the correct position. Only the person who owns the USB flash drive will be able to access it. The construction is also very solid, and this is definitely an item that is built to last. There is a 32GB USB drive that can be found inside the lock, which is probably more than enough for your files. Not only is this a great way to keep your information safe, but it also adds a fun little element to your daily life. Check price on Amazon!

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