Steampunk USB Drive

Bring Some Retro Look To Your Workstation With This Steampunk USB Drive

When you think of a USB drive, you think about something simple, boring, yet something that gets the job done. On second thought, you probably never think about it. Well, if you want your USB to be something people do think about, take a look at this stylish steampunk USB drive. It’s the perfect mix between science-fiction and good old vintage craftsmanship. The interesting thing about this item is that it’s not only designed in the steampunk style, but it also takes inspiration from the old radio tubes of the previous century. True to that, when plugged in, it lights up in a lovely old-fashioned yellow color, replicating the color audio vacuum tubes used in old radios emitted.

However, don’t let that retro look fool you, this steampunk USB drive, built by Latvian company Slavatech, is USB 3.0 interface compatible and comes with storage options up to 256GB. It works on all modern operating systems and it can plug in directly into your smart TV. If all this wasn’t enough, the device comes with a stylish wooden holder you can put on your work desk and have your colleagues stare in awe. Check price on Amazon!

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