HAITRAL table lamp

This Depressed Table Lamp Is The Cutest Way To Brighten Up Your Home

No bedroom is complete without a good lamp. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and, as the HAITRAL table lamp shows, sometimes these lamps can have a personality. Just one look at this sad little depressed lamp, and you’ll want to give it a big hug. This funny desk light will let you set a dark mood in your study, bedroom, or dorm room. It’s sure to catch the eye with its unique look and interesting design. Also, it’s sure to be a bright spot in any room, and not just for the obvious reasons.

The depressed lamp is built on a fully adjustable wooden base. The default position is with its head down – hence the depressed look – but you don’t have to keep it that way. You can move and pose your lamp into a range of positions, depending on what you feel like. This is also a great place to keep your books ready for reading in bed. If you put the legs in the right position, then the lamp acts as a tiny bookshelf and holds on to your books for you. Check price on Amazon!

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