Dragon Ball Z Chess Set

Turn Your Table Into The Scene of an Epic Battle With This Dragon Ball Z Chess Set

For starters, we all know that the game of chess takes a lot of strategies. It’s not as easy to play as checkers, for example. Plus, chess players are rather intelligent. So much so, that they tend to be categorized as geeks by their peers. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, and a chess fanatic, you can combine both of these things with this Dragon Ball Z chess set. You read that correctly. This collectible chess set features all your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters as they make up the playing men you go to battle with on the chessboard. Your opponents won’t know what hit them if you do it just right and use your anime skills on them.

Speaking of anime, all your key players are here in the Dragon Ball Z chess set. Super Ghost Kamikaze are the Pawns. Android 18 and Krillin are Rooks. Gotenks and Future Trunks are Knights. Gohan and Piccolo are Bishops. Vegeta is Queen and Goku is King. That’s the Hero set. The other side of the board will hold the Villian pieces including Buu as King and Cell as Queen. The Bishops are Frieza and Android 19. Raditz and Nappa are Knights, Bojack and Broly are Rooks and Saibaiman are Pawns. This is not the chessboard you grew up with as a kid, that’s for sure. However, expect this one to put a little more excitement into a game or two while you are killing time waiting for something cool to happen. Check price on Amazon!

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