Dragon Ball Z Heat Changing Mug

This Dragon Ball Z Heat Changing Mug Belongs In Every Super Saiyan Kitchen

Don’t you just hate reaching over to pick up a steaming cup of hot liquid and taking a sip only to find it has cooled down so much that it is no longer the hot drink it once was? Well, there is now a simple solution to this problem. The Dragon Ball Z heat changing mug will tell you with just a glance whether or not that drink is still hot. That’s because it magically changes in appearance when the contents it holds are hot. It works with a little bit of science where the temperature of what you pour inside will determine the outside appearance of the mug. It is perfect for a cold day or any day for that matter.

The heat reactive design is not to be placed in a microwave oven or a dishwasher which means you have to hand wash it. That’s not a problem when you consider you can use this for any beverage – hot or cold. Only when you use hot drinks the outer surface reacts. If you have a huge Dragon Ball Z fan in your life, you now have a unique gift idea that they will be able to use to power up the world’s strongest of Saiyans. That’s right, the heat in your drink will put it to work for you. Check price on Amazon!

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