HP Omen Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop

HP’s Omen X 2S Is An Insane Gaming Laptop With Two Screens

Every serious gamer needs a dual-screen setup that delivers high performance. The HP Omen X 2S laptop is a device that is fit for purpose. In fact, it is the world’s first authentic dual-screen gaming laptop. There is a fantastic touchscreen just above the keyboard which allows you to access many applications without having to pause or interrupt the gameplay. You can use it to zoom into gaming, chat with friends and stream tutorial videos on Youtube. Just imagine the fun you can have watching a tutorial in real-time as you play the game.

The HP Omen dual-screen gaming laptop has fantastic specs to maximize gaming performance. The 1080p panel and the high refresh rate means you can enjoy your games in the best possible quality. The Hexa-Core 9th Generation Intel i7-9750H processor delivers a superior performance which results in the smoothest gameplay. There is also a specialist cooling system that will mean you can play for hours without needing to worry about overheating. This fantastic thermal solution can also add a significant performance boost. The future of gaming laptops is here and HP Omen X 2S is an essential pickup for all avid gamers. Check price on Amazon!

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