The Ultimate Gaming Bed

This Ultimate Gaming Bed Is A Lazy Gamer’s Paradise

There’s only one thing better than having the ultimate bed, and that’s having the ultimate gaming bed. There’s quite the difference between being comfortable in your bedroom and being completely removed from society. That’s the beauty of this bed by Japanese furniture manufacturer Bauhutte. There’s even a screen mount, so you’re never far away from the action and it comes with shelving for your snacks and games.

Whether you’re a fan of console or PC gaming, or perhaps both, there’s plenty of room for your accessories. You won’t even have to get dressed to start kicking virtual butt. The ultimate gaming bed is the dream of gamers around the world. It’s fair to say that if what you think you want doesn’t fit in the storage space offered by the bed, then it’s not something you need. There’s even a little mount for your smartphone. You can stay in touch with the outside world if you really want to. Check price on Bauhutte!

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