Future gamer body

Shocking Images Showing What Game Addicts Could Look Like In 2040

Researchers at OnlineCasino.ca have created what they call “Michael,” a dummy that appears to show what the average gamer could look like in the future. Michael was created following a study by researchers, but members of the gaming community – and actual health experts – have come forward to criticize this model and say that it represents a hideous and unrealistic future. Not everyone plays games to the point that they would end up looking like this poor dummy, which is designed with the worst of unhealthy gaming habits in mind. Michael represents a bleak vision of the future gamer body that not many, if any, will actually see for themselves.

Gamers feel that the dummy represents a tired and dated stereotype of what the “average” gamer looks like, with hunched shoulders, eczema, a paunch, and more. Many people who play games these days do so in a variety of different ways, such as playing on a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox. There are lots of different ways to enjoy gaming. The good news for gamers is that even medical professionals, such as NHS GP Dr. Samar Mahmood, feel that the study is far-fetched and “extreme,” to say the least. Everything is safe in moderation, including video games. So take care of yourself, and you won’t end up being the dummy, in more ways than one! Don’t let this future gamer body be your future body.

Featured Image: OnlineCasino.ca