Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge

This Challenge Makes Everyone Redrawing Sailor Moon In Their Own Style

The 90’s anime Sailor Moon is a classic for a reason. It practically introduced the West to anime and got a whole generation of people interested in art and animation from across the world. Sailor Moon has once again entered the public spotlight thanks to the Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge that challenges artists across Twitter to redraw Usagi in their own style. Fans are getting involved, of course, but so are other big names in the industry, such as the team behind Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. As you’d expect, some truly spectacular artwork has been created thanks to this redraw challenge.

You might be wondering, “Why Sailor Moon?”. The answer to that is pretty simple. The challenge started back in July of last year, but it has recently picked up steam again. It is believed that the Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge was started by South Korean artist O_NL44, with artists around the world continuing the challenge into 2020. With more people jumping on the bandwagon, there’s never been so much online support for Sailor Moon. There’s all manner of styles out there, and it’s incredible that so many people could have their own perception of the same image. Fans are happy to see that the Sailor Scouts are being honored in such a way so long after their debut too.