Portable Gaming System

Transform Any Space Into Your Own Personal Gaming Environment With This GAEMS Vanguard

Haven’t you always wanted to play your favorite games wherever you are? Well now, you can take them with you thanks to this fantastic portable gaming unit. This device has a superb 19-inch display that will allow you to enjoy your favorite games in style. If you can’t live without your XBOX or Playstation, then you can pack it up in this unit and start gaming anywhere at any time.

The GAEMS Vanguard has a durable and sturdy shell which means it will survive all the bumps it may face while you transport it. The shoulder strap helps you carry the weight of your console with ease. The volume is sharp and clear even at high levels. The monitor is perfect for playing in short distances and you won’t need to worry about strain in your eyes. The remote control makes it easy to quickly change the volume and other settings. Check price on Amazon!

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