Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Takes Gaming To The Next Level

The normal controller can be a bit boring and many PS4 gamers tend to be jealous of the appearance of the Xbox One controller. Luckily, this Razer Raiju Tournament Edition packs a ton of excellent features. It has some additional buttons, various presets and some fantastic sensitivity settings. The ease of use makes it perfect for beginners and pros alike. You can even arrange the thumbsticks and d-pads to suit your specific style. There is a useful app that will help you map out the keys in the best way possible.

Rather than sticking with a generic wireless PS4 controller, you should instead opt for this feature-packed one that will give you a much better gaming experience. It has excellent build quality and the customizable features set it apart from the competition. The Bluetooth compatibility means you can also use it for PC gaming. It is far more comfortable to hold in your hands and the keys are incredibly responsive. This is a controller built to maximize comfort so that you can game for hours without feeling any hand fatigue. Check price on Amazon!

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