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Galaxy of Plastic: Fantastic Action Figure Photography Father/Son Duo

This is a fantastic discovery by a father and son team who use action figurines to construct incredible sci-fi settings and photograph them. It is common to hear references to films like Star Wars and the Ninja Turtles.

When it comes to action figures, this paternal partnership is second to none. Browse around their collection of toy photographs, which take your mind to a new location. Today, sci-fi toys are some of the most popular toys on store shelves, and youngsters spend countless hours imagining their own epic stories and conflicts. Incorporating these toys into a tale or situation is just as much fun as playing with them on their own. It’s possible to experience an adventure every time you play with your action figures if you create your own narrative points, characters, and locations!

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They are a creative duo who combine their love of toys with their artistic talents to produce tales that are both visually appealing and amusing. Even Marvel, DC, and Disney’s Star Wars characters are pitted against one other in Galaxy of Plastic’s own distinct realm of conflict. As well as reflecting the strange movie world, the scenes often poke fun at superheroes in daily circumstances. They use a lot of motion and unique effects in their unique work.

It’s no surprise that Galaxy of Plastic’s work is filled with sarcastic wit. Plastic miniatures depicting daily activities are the result of our creative fusion of art, photo manipulation, and narrative. It’s common for their works to have scenes of superheroes and villains doing crazy things together. On Instagram you can always follow Galaxy of Plastic and discover more about their newest inventions if you’re in the mood for a little lighthearted fun.

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