lord of the rings one ring candle gift

This Lord of the Rings Candle Has the One Ring Hidden Inside

If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you are no stranger to the One Ring. You can now bring the power of the One Ring to your interior spaces with this LOTR candle with the One Ring hidden inside. This Lord of the Rings candle has a gorgeous One Ring design based on the popular Tolkien books and movies. To visitors and guests, this candle will definitely make you the envy of all of Middle Earth!

In addition to the hand-poured candle, the frosted glass and gold foil ring band depict Sauron’s fiery lettering and will sparkle in the candlelight. There’s a hidden gold-plated One Ring replica in the candle’s wax that will be revealed as it burns down. Soy and coco waxes, along with a double wick, ensure an even and clean 23-hour flame.

As the candle burns, Sauron’s fiery lettering on the gold foil Ring band will light up. After burning the candle, the wax will expose a gold-plated duplicate of the Ring of Power, which may be worn or exhibited!

Wondering what to give someone who loves Lord of the Rings? Well, you should definitely give them this LOTR candle with the One Ring hidden inside. It is one of the best Lord of the Rings gifts. This collectible candle is even packaged in a gorgeous ready-to-go gift box for LOTR or Ring of Power aficionados. What’s more, it is also licensed by the Lord of the Rings!

If you are looking for something different but within the same One Ring theme, there’s also the Lureme Engraved Gold Plated Ring Pendant. The stainless-steel chain necklace with the One Ring is a perfect gift for both male and female fans of the Lord of the Rings.

This ring is quite substantial and well-crafted. It’s a real treat! Not to mention, it comes with a gorgeous chain. Your only regret is that it won’t make you disappear as the original one did in the Lord of the Rings. Nevertheless, it will be well appreciated as a LOTR gift.