Kevin McCallister Scream Mask

This Funny ‘Home Alone’ Screaming Mask Is Perfect For The Holidays

If you haven’t watched ‘Home Alone’ then you’ve probably been living under a rock. But, let’s face it, even the rock has seen the movie (and its sequels). It’s safe to say that you’ve also seen a lot of face masks lately, due to the situation we’re in. However, what you maybe haven’t seen yet is the ‘Home Alone’ Screaming Mask which portrays the main character of the movie, Kevin McCallister screaming. Yes, the famous facial expression he makes when he knows he’s in trouble. Right off the bat, it’s important to mention that while this is a stylish face mask, the vendor clearly states that it is not for medicinal use, but general public use.

The mask’s purpose is to show some emotion and lightheartedness in the face of the current situation we’re in and remind us of our happy childhoods and Kevin’s screams. By the way, he is 40. The actor knows he has a special place in our hearts, so he sent out a tweet reassuring us that he’s staying safe while wearing the hilarious ‘Home Alone’ Screaming Mask on his face. Even after all these years, the scream fits him perfectly. This is also a great gift for the upcoming holidays, as, unfortunately, we’ll all still need face masks, but at least we’ll have a laugh wearing them. Check price on Redbubble!

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