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Impress Office Mates with the Death Star Levitating Speaker

One-of-a-kind in the field of Bluetooth Speakers, the 7 Arc Death Star Levitating Speaker combines design and technology to provide the best of both worlds. The Arc Star’s galaxy concept and incredible sound quality make it stand out from the throng of other Bluetooth speakers.

What is a levitating speaker or more precisely how do levitating speakers levitate? The magnetic base of the Death Star Levitating Speaker is linked to a power supply via a speaker ball that hovers gracefully above it. With a 360° alignment of speaker vents in a circular form, the speaker plays music more effectively than the traditional front or top-sided speakers.

On a full charge, the speaker call may be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to carry your music wherever you go. The Death Star Levitating Speaker also has a green light belt around the speaker, which makes it seem really stunning in the dark.

How do levitating speakers levitate?

Levitating speakers use a magnetic base to float. The 7 Arc Star’s magnetic base is so much more than a basis for balancing the floating speaker, however. You can charge your speaker ball straight from the magnetic base, allowing it to float for lengthy periods while playing your favorite music.

Furthermore, the port can be used to charge your cell phones and serves as a charging hub, making it even more convenient. So, instead of cluttering up your desk with cords, you can utilize the base to charge your cell phones.

How do you make the Death Star Speaker float?

To make it simpler to balance the floating speaker, the four green balancing LEDs are housed within. These LEDs flicker to indicate when the speaker ball is balanced and ready to float.

NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity

The Death Star Levitating Speaker’s Bluetooth and NFC capabilities allow you to link your smartphone or tablet to the device in a variety of ways!

If your smartphone is NFC-enabled, all you have to do is touch the ball’s top green indication to pair it with your phone. There’s a link there!

As there is no ‘back of the speaker’, you may use the speaker anyplace without fear of your music being hindered or the sound being subjected to a one-way projection from the speaker system. Using a circular shape, the sound is evenly distributed in all directions.

You can take the Speaker Ball with you everywhere you go as a portable Bluetooth speaker. The magnetic base doubles as a docking station for your phone or tablet.

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