Iron Man Floating Toy

This Floating Iron Man Figure Deserves a Spot On Every Marvel Geeks Desk

Tony Stark is flying to your desk to help in the fight against your greatest enemy ever: boredom. This Iron Man floating action figure leverages electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to create a stunning hovering effect that makes it look like it is genuinely flying above your desk. This is easily one of the coolest and most incredible Iron Man figures out there. Outside of being able to float through the power of magnets, the toy looks just as shiny as the real thing. It also comes with LED lights for eyes, chest reactor, hands, and feet.

The Iron Man floating action figure comes with every little detail imaginable, including armor joints and the air deflector used for flying mode. The main body of the toy is coated with plating paint to showcase the classic red and gold colors. The lights, chest reactor, hands and feet of the figure contain high-luminance LED lights that stay in keeping with the flying mode of the actual suit from the movies. The Iron Man floating action figure is shipped with a glowing levitation base, a customized battery case, and a protective sheet. Check price on Amazon!

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