Iron Man Mouse

This Mouse Is Designed To Look Exactly Like Iron Man’s Fearsome Helmet

There aren’t many superheroes that are cooler than Iron Man himself. One of the most distinctive features of him is his unforgettable helmet. Everyone has dreamed of owning this helmet for themselves, and now you can make this come true. Rather than simply keeping the helmet for display, you can make great use out of it as a mouse. This amazing Iron Man mouse looks exactly like the iconic helmet, and it is available in a variety of colors. It is easy to connect and features a quiet and smooth performance.

The most striking feature of the Iron Man mouse is the aesthetic design. You truly won’t be able to tell the difference. It is a wireless mouse, and it works through a nano-receiver that is plugged into your laptop or desktop. The USB receiver remains cleverly hidden within the helmet. The mouse even lights up whilst you’re using it, and switches to standby mode when not in use which is great for preserving battery life. The transmission distance of 10M is ideal, and you can expect a reliable connection throughout, that allows you to use the mouse with ease. Check price on Amazon!

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