Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

Julius Caesar Stabbed In The Back Pen and Pencil Holder

The betrayal of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar has been depicted in various ways throughout history, including paintings, stories, movies, and even cartoons. Knives were stabbed in his back both figuratively and literally. If you want to rewrite history and stab Caesar yourself, now is your chance. However, instead of knives, you’ll be using pencils (or pens!). That’s right, this Julius Caesar pencil holder will allow you to plunge your pencils directly into Caesar’s back as many times as you want. The pencil holder is not only functional, but it’s also a lovely decoration for the home or office. Additionally, it can be the perfect gift for your boss or coworker, striking the fine balance between casual and formal.

The Julius Caesar pencil holder can hold up to seven pencils or pens, which might disappoint history nerds who’ll know that the real Caesar was stabbed 23 times. However, you’ll agree with the designer that 23 pencils might be overkill. As for the material, the pencil holder is made out of heavyweight painted resin, which keeps it stable and gives it the look of a work of art by some historical sculptor, rather than a simple pencil holder. Looks aren’t deceiving in this case, as this pencil holder is actually a replica of the famous marble bust of Julius Caesar by Andrea Ferrucci. Find the best price here!

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