Lightsaber Keys

Lightsaber Shaped Keys Let You Feel Like a Jedi Just By Opening Doors

There’s no getting around the simple fact that lightsabers are the most awesome thing in this, or any other, galaxy. Lightsabers can be used to slice through any substance, cut down enemies, deflect blaster bolts, and much more. Now you have the chance to use a lightsaber to open any door you want too, with these Star Wars lightsaber keys. Make no mistake about it; these are real keys. They aren’t just little keychains. These are the same blank keys that a locksmith uses. All you have to do is take yours to the locksmith – along with the key you want to be replicated – and they take care of all the rest.

The head of the key is designed to look like the real hilt of a lightsaber, which might make them a little difficult to use. It’s not like you can turn a round-head key into a lightsaber, though, so it’s the price you’ll have to pay for being cool. Keep your home locked and secure with these stunning Star Wars lightsaber keys. Check price on Amazon!

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