Star Wars Playing Cards

These Star Wars Playing Cards Are Out of This World

Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon since the release of the first (technically fourth) movie – A New Hope – in 1977. The series has spawned plenty of movies, TV shows, books, comics, games, and other merchandise. One of the latest and greatest pieces of Star Wars memorabilia is the Star Wars Playing Cards Dark Side Edition from Theory11. These cards will add a touch of the Force to any game of poker or blackjack and are incredibly well-made. Available in both Light Side and Dark Side variations, the Star Wars playing cards allow you to join the Jedi Order or the First Order.

The Dark Side deck features the Death Star, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, and the Imperial Fleet. The front of the box features the Imperial Throne Room complete with the symbols of the First Order and Galactic Empire. The classic suits and face cards are replaced by Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and other key figures from the Dark Side of the Force. The King of Spades, for example, is represented by Darth Vader holding his lightsaber like the original King of Spades holds a sword. The cards are all printed on FCS-certified paper which is made using trees from sustainable forests. The ink used on the cards is all vegetable-based while the laminate is starch-based for an environmentally-friendly product. If you want a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life you should consider the Theory11 Dark Side playing cards. Check price on Amazon!

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