Face cookie cutter

These Cookie Cutters Are Made To Look Just Like Your Face

Replace your bland cookie cutter with this customized one that can be made into any figure that you choose. Whether it’s your own aspect or your pet’s face, you will be shocked at just how accurate the depiction is when the cookies are made. The personalized portrait cookie cutter can be changed to your specific measurements. This makes it a flexible option for all uses. You will definitely be a hit at the party when you bring some of those delicious cookies. It can be a unique and entertaining gift for a birthday or Christmas.

The personalized face cookie cutter will have a very accurate mold of whichever face you choose. You can easily stamp it on some fresh dough and start enjoying some treats that look incredibly lifelike. A bride and groom may be thrilled to see cookies that are made in their portrait. Its easily hand washable and designed to last, which means you can always whip it out at gatherings. Why would you want to settle for generic cookies, when they can resemble a face instead. Check price on Etsy!

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