Gratiator Sword Cheese Grater

This Gratiator Sword Cheese Grater Belongs In Every Gaming Geeks Kitchen

Who doesn’t like a little cheese in their… everything! Good cheese can turn even the most boring meals into a true delicacy. However, to apply cheese properly, you need a proper cheese grater. All of them look similar when you go to the store, so does it matter which one you choose? Well, if you’re a boring type, then no, just choose any old cheese grater. However, if you want to cut through cheese as a warrior does through enemies, then you should consider the Gratiator Sword Cheese Grater. This sword-shaped grater has everything you need to win the battle that is grating cheese. Not only can you reenact ancient battles and grate cheese with it, but it can also be used to slice the cheese.

However, don’t let the playful design fool you. The Gratiator Sword Cheese Grater is made out of high-quality stainless steel and its comfortable handle is made out of royal-blue ABS plastic. It’s entirely dishwasher safe, so washing it is a breeze. The handle guard is actually both pleasing to the eye and extremely convenient. When grating cheese, often our hands either slip or we end up pushing against the hard metal grater. Thanks to the handle guard, you can comfortably grate any amount of cheese without a care in the world. Check Here for Best Price!

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