Piranha Plant Slippers

These Piranha Plant Slippers Are Perfect For Any Super Mario Fan

Who doesn’t love the world of Super Mario Brothers? The loveable plumbers have been jumping and leaping obstacles for several years now. You could say that Mario and Luigi are iconic members of our society thanks to their antics in the video games they have been a part of. However, as iconic as they are, so are the Piranha Plants. With these Piranha Plant slippers, you get to experience a little bit of Mario Brothers in your day-to-day life. They are stylish pieces of history that have been converted into fancy and comfortable footwear. They even come to you resting in their very own warp pipe to keep them in order.

Made of soft plush and filled with PP cotton, Piranha Plant slippers are as comfortable as they are cool looking. They are something you can use to impress your friends and they serve a practical purpose as well. And, when they are on your feet, the Super Mario Brothers do not have to leap over them to avoid certain death. Oh, and oddly enough, as dangerous as they are in Mario World, they do not pose any danger to you or your feet. Check price on Amazon!

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