Your Princess Is In Another Castle Doormat

Surprise Your Geeky Friends with the Your Princess is in Another Castle Doormat

If you are a true fan of the Super Mario Bros games then you definitely remember the phrase,

“Sorry but your princess is in another castle”

so why not achieve the same effect in your home with a doormat imprinted with the famous quote?  Your Princess is in Another Castle doormat is a geeky doormat that brings the charm and wit of the game to your doorstep. It is a high quality extra-thick mat capable of absorbing all types of dirt and mud without losing its original color.

It is also a versatile doormat that can be used as a shoe scrapper on the patio, as an indoor décor piece, at your entrance door, or even as a wall hanging if you so desire. It never disappoints, wherever you put it.  Some of the key features of Your Princess is In Another Castle doormat include the following: High-quality, extra-thick, and absorbent design and it’s made of 100% natural coconut fiber that is washable and easy to clean.  Available in a good size measuring 23.62 x 15.75 inches.  PVC rubber covered non-slip underside that ensures that the mat does not slip away or cause slips and falls. It is completely non-slip and stays in place even while cleaning the house.  It is made by GetDigital, a company with a great reputation for manufacturing unique merchandise and products for nerds and geeks.

Your Princess is In Another Castle doormat is also a perfect gift that is guaranteed to bring fun and excitement to your friends and relatives. It is a gift that will be warmly appreciated as a birthday, wedding, or Christmas gift.  Create a nostalgic and witty effect for every gamer who drops by your home with this Super Mario Bros inspired doormat. Get the best price here!


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