Poké Ball Pizza Cutter

Pizza Just Got Even Better With This Poké Ball Pizza Cutter

Fans of Pokémon and pizza rejoice, as the Poké Ball pizza cutter brings these two loves together. Pizza is the perfect way to relax and refresh after a long way of catching them all. Even if you’re the kind of person who always eats out and has pizza delivered, there’s bound to come a time when it isn’t sliced right. That’s when you take matters into your own hands with a little help from Pikachu and his Pokémon pals.

This pizza cutter is shaped to look just like a pokéball, but with a flat design so you can hold it and slice your pizza. The cutting blade is embossed with silhouettes of iconic Pokémon from the series. The Poké Ball pizza cutter has also a protective cover to minimize the risk of injury. This fun kitchen tool is designed to look just like the real thing. Take a break from catching and battling and enjoy perfectly sliced pizza with this awesome cutter. Check price on Amazon!

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