Pokemon Anatomy Book

Learn More About Your Favorite Pokémon By Studying This Pokémon Anatomy Book

Do you want to learn about the biological and behavioral traits of your favorite Pokémon characters? Look no further than the PokéNatomy. This book is actually an unofficial anatomical art project that explores the making of Pokémon using modern biology analysis. It’s not just biology but a fun way to analyze different Pocket Monsters. The PokéNatomy takes you through the scientific world of Pikachu in fully illustrated, high-quality print.

The unusual anatomy book contains more than 300 pages covering all the original 151 Pokémon characters. It features full-page anatomical illustrations showing the different biological attributes of each Pokémon. The book also gives you illustrated explanations and descriptions of these curious little creatures, including their DNA, hereditary traits, body systems, and adaption abilities. The graphics are done by top illustrator and artist Christopher Stoll. If you want to really understand the weirdness and wonder of your favorite Pokémon characters, this book is the perfect guide for you. Check price on Etsy!

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