Pokemon Keycaps

These Pokemon Keycaps Are Perfect For Pokemon Lovers

One of the joys of having a mechanical keyboard is being able to customize the keys. Pop off the old one and put a new key in. These buttons come in all kinds of quirky designs, so we were thrilled when we saw that S-Craft Studio was putting together a collection of Pokemon keycaps for keyboards. The idea sounded just too good to be true as they looked so well-detailed. The fact is that these keycaps are everything they claim to be, and more.

Pokemon fans couldn’t possibly ask for better keyboard accessories than these Pokemon keycaps. They have an insane level of detail. About the only thing better would be, of course, real Pokemon. The little guys are encased in something that has the feel of an old Gameboy and then cast in resin for durability. The careful design of the caps means that they should fit in on just about any keyboard you attach them to. Check price on S-Craft Studio!

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