Folding Keyboard

Transform Your Tablet Into a Handy Laptop With This Folding Keyboard

In today’s mobile technology-driven world, nothing beats the convenience of having to do all your texting and typing on-the-go. That’s exactly what this folding keyboard does. It’s a small, convenient pluggable folding Bluetooth keyboard that can be used with any smartphone or tablet. The keyboard easily folds into a smaller package that can fit into your bag or briefcase when not in use. It comes with six rows of your usual keys in the standard layout. It even gives you a row of special keys and 2-finger combinations such as navigation keys, media keys, edit keys, and many more.

The folding keyboard has a protective leather-like case that opens up into a convenient stand to hold your tablet or mobile phone as you type. It’s powered by high-capacity rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged quickly using a micro-USB port and the included cable. You can also connect the keyboard to your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac device via Bluetooth. For strength and durability, the keyboard comes with an anodized aluminum shell and long-lasting stainless-steel hinges. Check price on Amazon!

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