Personalized 3D Printed Lego Heads

Make Your Fantasies Come True With One of These Personalized Lego Heads

Who doesn’t want an awesome mini version of themselves that they can attach to Lego? With the personalized 3D printed Lego heads, you can transform yourself into a unique Lego figure. The personalized options include the color and hairstyle which means the figurine will be one that is chosen by you. Your friends and family are bound to be shocked when they see this. They will wonder if they are seeing double.

As well as being a great toy for yourself, the custom Lego mini-figure head is a fantastic gift to give to someone else. It will be sure to bring some laughter to the party. You are free to use any photo in the design process which makes it easy to gift. All of the Lego heads come included with a 5mm diameter hole that allows it to be easily attracted to the figure of your choice. This makes it a personalized gift that is highly flexible. Check price on Etsy!

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