Battle Of Helm’s Deep LEGO Set

Recreate The Battle of Helm’s Deep With This Epic Lord of the Rings LEGO Set

There happens to be a complete series of Lord of the Ring themed LEGO sets out there. This one recreates one of the most epic battles to come from the LOTR trilogy. What makes this so unique and fun is that you will be in control of the outcome. Let your imagination run wild and change the ending if you choose. Everything you need to make that happen is included in the 1,368 piece set. Build the walled fortress at Helm’s Deep and defend it from the powerful Uruk-hai army. It is a classic clash between good and evil that you can sway either way to turn this into a chapter of your own Lord of the Rings history.

The Battle of Helm’s Deep LEGO Set has everything you need to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in the LOTR movie “The Two Towers” where the forces of Saruman were destroyed by the Rohan army and tree-like forest Huorns. With you in control, you can use the forces of men, elves, and a dwarf to prevent the main gate from getting breached and the walls scaled. Or you can just add your own spin to the way the scene played out in the movie by adding more destruction, pain, and agony. It’s your call. Either way, this LEGO set displays incredible details with features that make the set in the movie come alive in your rec room, bedroom, or wherever you choose to set this up. Check price on Amazon!

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