Programming Playing Cards

Every Computer Geek Should Have These Programming Playing Cards In Their Pocket

If you’re a developer who enjoys playing cards then these programming playing cards are for you. The cards all feature a code excerpt that describes the rank and suit in one of several different programming languages. Add a geeky element to your next poker night with them. The languages featured on the cards include Java, SQL, C++, Python and more.

To give you an example of what is meant by programming playing cards, the Queen of Hearts of the deck features CSS code that styles an element with the class of “hearts” and includes properties such as the red font color and the white background. In a way, it perfectly describes the card using the coding language. These playing cards are made with a beautiful chrome matte paper complete with a double UV polish. They make for an ideal gift for developers, programmers, and any other kind of nerd. Pick up a pack for yourself or your friends and enjoy the most beautifully confusing game of cards ever. Check price on Varianto:25!

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