Scorpion Computer Cockpit

The Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit Is One Ridiculously Badass Gaming Chair

Are you ready to take your computer setup to an all-new dimension? Working from home has made everyone become one with their computer, but this setup gives the phrase a whole different meaning. The Scorpion Computer Cockpit will make everyone think twice before bothering you while you’re on your computer. Made by the Chinese company Cluvens, this intimidating cockpit is as strong and sturdy as it looks as, its frame is entirely made out of industrial-grade carbon steel, which promises years of service. Inside the frame are 16-color LED strips which make this computer cockpit look even more impressive.

However, what makes the Scorpion Computer Cockpit truly stand out (besides looking like a deadly scorpion) is its modular and entirely adjustable setup. You can adjust the seat and monitor angles as you wish and it’s all done electronically, no need to get out of the seat. Eight high-quality carbon steel legs keep the cockpit firm and balanced on the ground, while it does its shapeshifting. The screen arm used to suspend the monitors can hold up to three 21” – 29” monitors, or one 49” ultrawide. Mounting the monitors is simple, as the screen arm supports the standard VESA mounts used for most monitors. Of course, this cockpit offers a space for your keyboard and mouse as well as a leather seat and armrests. So, if you wanted to make working or gaming from home a tad more interesting, now you know what to do! Check price on Cluvens!

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