Spill Resistant Gaming Keyboard

Prevent Damage From Spills and Splashes With This Corsair K68 Gaming Keyboard

Every gamer, and even most casual computer users, have spilled something on their keyboard at some point. What can you do to protect your computer? Well, the obvious answer would be to invest in a spill-resistant gaming keyboard. The Corsair K68 comes with Cherry MX mechanical key switches and anti-ghosting capabilities. Not to mention it just looks cool thanks to the RGB backlighting. You can game in the dark and switch up the colors behind the keys for a unique look that is best suited to your tastes.

The Corsair spill-resistant gaming keyboard is rated up to IP32 protection to defend against accidental spills and other environmental dangers. Mess around with the board until its set up just right how you want. As a gaming keyboard, you can expect some incredible things out of it. The mechanical key switches offer a RapidFire advantage with 1.2-millimeter actuation. The anti-ghosting and full rollover features mean that your keystrokes and commands are always taken as intended. Check price on Amazon!

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