Stainless Steel Keycaps

These Stainless Steel Mechanical Keycaps Are The Perfect Choice For Every Type of Gamer

If your keyboard gets through heavy use, then it is well worth replacing the keys with metal keycaps that are designed for high performance. Regular wear and tear can result in the fading of your keys and this is a sight that no one likes to see. Luckily, with stainless steel keycaps, you can protect them from fading and ensure that they stand in the best condition. You can smash away for hours and the condition will still remain perfect. They are easy to fit onto most mechanical keyboards. Your backlighting will be able to fully shine through these keycaps which will improve the aesthetic of your entire keyboard.

The metal construction gives them a unique appearance and feel. The keys are available in all of the required formats, including WASD and QWERASDF. This means you can choose the best format for your most frequently used keys. Whatever your specific keyboard setup is, these steel mechanical keycaps will be easy to add on. They will add a nice touch of elegance to your gaming keyboard and your friends will be impressed by their sleek and shiny design. Check price on Amazon!

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