Tesla Watch

Set Yourself Apart From The Rest With This Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch

The Steampunk style has regained popularity in recent years and there are many Steampunk-themed products available on the market. However, what sets a product apart is the attention to detail. That’s why the Tesla watch is a great example of Steampunk done right. It retains functionality while its weathered-brass casing gives it the look of something pulled directly from a Steampunk universe. One thing is for certain, if you get this watch, you’ll be asked for the time a lot more than usual!

It features two dials, one for hours and minutes and the other for seconds, each powered by their respective batteries. It also features the classic Steampunk vacuum-tubes which light up in the vibrant orange color this style is known for. They can easily be turned on and off with a simple flick of a switch. Compared to the rest of the watch, the leather strap is simple but comfortable. Finally, there’s the ornamental winding key which is purely for show, obviously, as it’s been already mentioned that the watch is powered by two batteries. Nonetheless, the winding key adds a lot to the Steampunk look. The watch is not water-resistant so be sure not to mistake it for your Rolex Submariner. There’s not much else to say, if you’re someone who loves Steampunk, then this Tesla watch is a no-brainer with its stylish design and quality craftsmanship. Find the best price for this watch!

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