Plasma globe

Add Some Cool Ambient Lighting To Your Desktop With This Plasma Ball

What self-respecting nerd doesn’t love a mesmerizing plasma ball? They are incredible to watch and a lot more fun to play with. These little bundles of energy react whenever you place your finger on them, creating a spark of energy that goes from the core to the edge of the ball. The reason for the lighting is that the human body conducts trace amounts of electricity that are easier to polarize than the dielectric material surrounding the electrode. Anyone who knows about energy, not just electricity, knows that it will always take the path of least resistance. The charge given off by the electrode has an easier time reaching your finger, so that’s where it goes.

You can now purchase a small ball inspired by the Nikola Tesla plasma lamp. This astonishing sphere gives you the same corona discharge effect as any other similar device. Measuring approximately 7 x 7 x 13 inches, this won’t take up much room but is still impressive and a fun gift for nerds of all ages. Learn more about the power of static electricity with a little help from everyone’s favorite electrician and his magnificent device. Check price on Amazon!

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